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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for painting commissions

Please read before placing any orders, any orders will be on the bases that you agree with these terms. This can be done by checking the I agree with the MFP terms and conditions button when ordering a commission. This covers all your future commissions with MFP.

Ordering and sending out project miniatures

All miniatures are to be provided by the client either by being sent directly or indirectly by a gaming shop or manufacturer to the studio. Once received at the studio I will confirm the receipt with the client

​Our Painting terms are simple and straightforward. Contact us and provide us with your painting requirements. We will on receipt contact you with the price for work to be carried out, if you are happy with the cost and would like to book a space in our studio we will require a 50% none refundable deposit from you. The other 50% will be due upon the completion of the painting project. (There will be Postage and Packaging to be added to the cost. (This will be worked out at cost). See Postage and Packaging below.
This will guarantee you painting project space in the studio, normally the turnover time is approx 8-16 weeks depending on the size of the project and our workload, although some orders may require more time, some less time*. *This does not include weekends/bank holidays or annual holidays, ill-health or situations outside MFP control. You will be given a project painting number. This number will be used throughout the project to update you on progress.
MFP will contact you on the completion of the work updating you with photographs of the finished miniatures. No photos are supplied during the commission Any adjustments will be made to the clients' satisfaction as per the project brief. at this stage. The final 50% payment will be required on confirmed COMPLETION/sign off by the client by Facebook messenger or email.
A request then for payment will be made via your email address and payment would be made via the secure PayPal gateway through the PayPal website. You will be notified when this has been completed by PayPal and MFP Once payment has cleared MFP will send out the miniatures to you at the address you have provided (if this is not the address please let MFP know what address to send to). In most cases this will be via Royal Mail, 2nd class tracked and signed for (UK). There may be a difference to this for overseas clients. (MFP will inform you of this) due to the destination.
NB payment must be made on the completion of the project. However, if payment has not been made within a time period of 14 days after notification of completion and the client sign off, all unpaid commission miniatures will be sold to cover the cost of the commission. If you are on holiday or have unforeseen circumstances please notify MFP asap. 

The 50% booking in fee is not refundable.
Our costs are for painting services ) time materials and expertise only and do not include costs for the models themselves or postage and packing.
Our prices are subject to change without notice. This does not affect agreed commission prices. Please check our prices list before engaging in any commissions.

Painting Turn overtimes
8-16 weeks is the general rule however depends on the size of the commission and sometimes due to studio process/volume of enquiries/deadlines or any unforeseen circumstances and may take longer to complete a commission than having stated. MFP wish to maintain our high standards and not compromise our quality to you our clients:)

​Note regarding colour paint matching. I have noticed occasionally that the same paint colour purchased from the same manufacturer varies a little either having a lighter or darker shade than the original or last one used. Some have even changed their painting colour manufacturer when updating their range. I will always aim to match previous colour schemes and have colour cards for each type of painting commission with mixing ratios etc. This is not normally a problem however I can not guarantee a 100% match due to these reasons/conditions. PLEASE SEE OUR CV-19 NOTICE HERE

Posting and Packaging


Please update MFP if you change your postal address. We will always use the last one provided by the Client unless updated. 

All goods are delivered via courier or the Post Office’s delivery service and is at the client’s risk. We will take due care to pack goods as carefully as possible to prevent damage, but due to the fragile nature of the product, we can’t accept any responsibility for goods damaged in transit or lost in transit. In view of this MFP will provide basic insurance provided by the carrier provider, however, MFP recommends that the client take out further insurance to cover the total value of the final painted miniatures. PLEASE NOTIFY MFP IF YOU WISH TO DO THIS. 

It is the clients' responsibility to pay any import duty fees that occur in the client's country of origin when receiving their miniatures from the UK.

NB: It is the client's responsibility to may sure that the contents sent over to MFP are correct and are what has been agreed upon. Please DOUBLE CHECK items before sending.

​NB When sending miniatures to MFP please make sure you mark up who they are from.

From the client's country of postage to MFP in the UK.
If you are sending your miniatures from outside the EU for delivery to the UK, you’ll have to pay HM Revenue & Customs a (Customs Duty (if over £130 value) at the time of writing and Import VAT)
(SEE LINK BELOW FOR LATEST INFORMATION) (if over £18) on top of the painting commission price (including duties), though Customs Duty is waived if the amount of the calculated duty payable is £7 or less. Please note there is also a £12 Parcel Force Fee for collecting the Import VAT (info-based) Feb 2019



Import VAT and Customs Duty on gifts

Notice 143: a guide for international post users

Please note MFP WILL NOT COVER ANY IMPORTED TAX or duties owed from Client COUNTRY OF POSTAGE TO MFP, it is not our responsibility to cover it. Any expense caused by imported tax or duties owed by UK customs or UK inland carrier will be paid by the buyer/client/sender.
Please note. Any painting commissions undertaken using the Miniature Figure Painting (MFP) service you agree to any painting commission images are the property of Barry Evans Flames of War painting FOWP and Miniature Figure Painting (MFP) and can be used in any digital format required for media display.
NB: The completed miniatures are photographed under studio lighting. This can slightly lighten the surface ar
ea of the miniature in the sign-off photograph.


Warlord Games, Games Workshop and Battlefront Miniatures
Disclaimer: We are not connected to Warlord Games, Games Workshop or Battlefront Miniatures. We just love painting their fantastic miniatures.
Please check your contents to confirm if transfers are part of your mini packs. If no transfers are sent over then no transfers will be applied. (In the past I have covered this with my own transfers in the past as a goodwill gesture, however, the number of minis received without transfers had become an issue) I will not now cover this for clients  SORRY

Any orders placed with us are on the basis that you agree with our terms and conditions.  Do not place any orders if you do not agree with our terms.

I do not exchange or pass on any information regarding client's personal information it is used only to contact you and to post out your completed miniatures. If you wish to have your information deleted from my records please contact me and I will remove it and confirm with you. This website also has an SSL security certificate. 

Booking a Painting Tutorial Day/s

The booking process is straightforward. The client completes the booking in form. We agree on a mutual date for the training day/s. The content of the day/s training is then sent to the client.. A 50% booking in fee is then required to confirm the place with the final 50% payable upon completion of the training.

NB This is payable by Bank transfer There is no cost for direct Bank transfer.
The booking-in fee/deposit is not refundable. (If the client can not make the agreed date, please contact me 48hrs prior to the training date so that another date can be arranged.

Booking a Tutorial Day/s
Posting Out From Overseas
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