Painting Tuition

Over the last few years I have had

requests regarding painting tuition
at the studio. 
From Aug 2021 I will

be offering a one to one painting

tuition here at my studio in the

Staffordshire area of the UK

Subject to the CV-19 rules in the UK
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If you like my work and are interested in learning the techniques/methods I use to produce the 28mm miniatures you see on the website or Facebook/Twitter then contact me for details. View my gallery here

#miniature painting tuition 1 Day

One Day £200

All aspects of painting miniatures are covered  both  Airbrush and brush work this is ideal for a person with few or no current painting skills.


Contact me for full details 

Two Days £360

#miniature painting tuition 2 Days

 This builds on the foundation from day one and gives the client an opportunity to deepen their skills with guidance by focusing on any of the sections from day one in more detail

Contact me for full details

Bespoke One
Two Days

Duration is one or two days with  painting application by brush or airbrush content  tailored to suit the client.

Contact me with your requirements

#miniature painting tuition bespoke

Miniature Painting
Tuition Enquiry Form

Example 28mm Vietnam

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