28mm Painting Costs


Extra Options and Costs

28mm Prices

Our painting is of a very high standard, and above any table top standard To our Gallery


Inf application:

After a primer is applied, individual layers are painted with blending taking place between each layer , any additional highlights applied to produce a very nice looking miniature that you will feel proud of whether on the table top or on a display stand. Example-coming soon

NB Decal application on a Infantry Figure
At the moment we do not offer that service!! Painting German runes on collars and eagles on head wear where accessible are inc in the figure cost.

Vehicles application:
Vehicles are cleaned up then primed followed by airbrushed modulation. Camo is then airbrushed on to the vehicle, and any weathering applications and highlighting are then applied.. Camo netting and or bush (if needed) is then created and applied. Finally the miniature is completed with a Matt varnish. Example-coming soon



Example above product lunch standard for Victrix Ltd's Persian Archers.   Go to Victrix website to view these here





NB Basing costs include time and materials to produce completed base.

NB Any Vehicle in 1/50 scale add £3.00 to the cost.

  • Infantry figure £13.00 each (Camo uniforms/smocks etc add £2.00)  Pea Dot / Plane Tree style £17.00 per fig Pioneers add £1.00, Special Characters £17.00 eg Stoessi Heroes. intricate uniform patterns add £3.00 per fig

       Special Characters £17.00 eg Stoessi Heroes.(Camo uniforms/smocks etc add £1,00) Pea Dot/Plane Tree add £1.00



  • Inf base texturing & grass flocking per single inf stand 40p, (this inc's flower/bush grit, time etc) please supply bases. (The basing process does take quite some time to complete)


  • Inf base texturing & snow flocking per single inf stand 40p, (inc winter tuff/bush grit time) please supply bases. (The basing process does take quite some time to complete)


  • 3 x man Inf base texturing and flocking per single inf stand 65p, (inc either spring/winter treatment. please supply bases NB See examples of application in gallery


  • Artillery base texturing eg 57mm/ 75mm  size and grass flocking per single stand £2.60 (inc s flower/bush grit) or winter tuff/bush grit and time please supply bases


  • Vehicle base texturing & grass flocking per single stand £3.00, (inc s flower/bush grit time)
    please supply bases


  • Camo US Vietnam/USMC Pacific Helmets £1.00. Blanket roll £2.50 per fig.Germ Pea Dot camo add £1,00 per fig.


  • Mortar base texturing- Med base this inc's flower/bush grit, time etc) please supply bases. £1.85

  • Small Anti Tank guns ie US 57mm £8.50 (depending on size)


  • Extra/basing 75p - £1.00 (sand bags/logs etc)*


  • Small Vehicles/jeeps/Small Tanks (Early war) £16.00 - £18.50 add figure's cost if needed


  • Trailers: £7.50 inc baggage if required.


  •  Half-tracks £25.50 + £1.00 for camo pattern and 70p for interior


  • Tanks £28.50 (+ £1.00 for painted (2/3 colour airbrushed camo pattern) (based on request-see basing cost above.

  • Tanks/LAVs in 1/50 scale  £30.00 +£1.00 for (2/3 colour airbrushed camo pattern) (this scale larger than 28mm)

  • Tanks Display Standard £37.00 +£1.00 for (2/3 colour airbrushed camo pattern)

  • Puma £27.50 + £1.00 for painted (2/3 colour airbrushed camo pattern


  • Katyusha Rocket Launcher £26.50


  • Trucks £25.50 (+ £1.00 for painted (2/3 colour airbrushed camo pattern)
    (based on request-see basing cost above)

  • Mini Vignets visit the (GALLERY) does not inc figures or gun. From £35.00

Extra Options and Costs
28mm for the website-what you get-pic2.j


We offer the following additional modeling effects for your needs:

There is a basic/standard cost for painting the tank/vehicle. You can add on additional effects to the tanks and
vehicles priced individually.

CLICK HERE for examples of application

Additional Costs and Extra Options

  • Camo netting with foliage application  £3.70 small  / Medium £ 6.00 /  Large £ 8.00  per vehicle this includes (time and materials) see gallery

  • Addition of pea dots to a vehicle 50p


  • Addition of Mud/dust general weathering/Scratches £2.50 per vehicle

  • Rust addition Minor (Tips of skirts some on tracks ) 20p  major area 50p


  • Foliage without netting £2.70 small  / Medium £ 4.00 /  Large £ 7.00  per vehicle this includes (time and materials) see gallery


  • Damage to the vehicle (Scratchesshell holes/bullet holes broken side skirts plates etc) £1..50 per vehicle. Contact us with your requirements

  • Tank Kill Rings 50p Up to four rings


  • Winter camo paint effect Add £3.50 per vehicle. The process is to apply by airbrush light layers building up to final layer over the completed modulated paint/camo work panel lining, weathering and chipping effect are also applied at this stage. See Winter Gallery for examples 

  • Decal Application £2.50 per vehicle   The process can be fiddly and does take time to complete. Transfer/s are cut out from the decal sheet. Micro Set is applied to the decal target area. Decals are then softened in water and then added to the vehicle then moved into place. Turret numbers are then added individually and aliened up very carefully. The decals are then allowed to dry and varnish applied over the top to protect and make ready for any weathering.

Assembly of Infantry miniatures

Multi part: Cutting from sprues and assembling Arms, legs, head, weapons and kit £2.50 per figure

Assembly of Vehicles

Resin 4 part or multi part kit assembling your minis can be time-consuming.

Resin and 4 /5 part metal kits occur a basic charge of £4.00. 

Assembling tanks/Vehicles/Helicopters 


  • Helicopters multi part  £10.00 per kit

Multi part assembly ie is time-consuming (some times up to 50/60 mins to 1 hr per tank, and 10 mins per figure from cutting out from SPRUE filing/filling and gluing arms heads and weapons etc  (I'm reluctantly having to charge a flat/min fee for this Multi part assembly service). 

NB I'm happy if you wish to send assembled. This will save time for your order and turn around would be quicker.

please make sure all mould lines and flash are removed before sending.


Assembling Multi part Infantry

From SPRUES cutting and cleaning up sprue marks, dry fitting and then glueing together and drying time etc nominal charge of £1.00p per figure depending on how many parts (eg bags/haversacks, tools etc to add


NB If you are sending assembled miniatures over to MFP, MFP RECOMMEND THAT YOU MAKE SURE THEY ARE WASHED IN A SUITABLE DEGREASING AGENT, BEFORE ASSEMBLY. IF NOT THERE IS A RISK THAT ANY PAINT applied MAY RUB OFF THE SURFACE due to the casting release agent remaining on the surface. 


It is the clients responsibility to make sure this has been completed. if you are sending assembling minis over

If MFP are building miniatures for you MFP will complete this process for you.
NB I'm happy if you wish to send assembled


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NB If providing figures please send your bases with miniatures. 


NB Prices are total cost for painting/modeling and all materials etc. P&P is to be added to the final cost
Please see MFP terms and conditions before ordering a painting commission. All commissions are taken on the basis that these have been accepted.