MFP.co.uk is delighted to have received the following feedback. Below are just some examples we have received.


"I was super impressed with the Kangaroo APC you have painted!"
Victoria Lamb, Victoria Miniatures


"Beautifully painted!"
Alan & Michael Perry, Perry Miniatures

“Very happy with the standard of service. Your feedback and delivery time was perfect.”
Guy Bowers, Editor Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine Client-UK


"Working with Barry has been great. He has done a fabulous job on the vehicles he has painted for us and his communications have been excellent throughout. The quality of painting is to a very high standard and we want to keep using Barry for as long as he is willing to paint our tiny models!:o)"
Steve Hales, Victrix Games Client-UK


"Barry Evans of Miniaturefigurepainter.co.uk produces first class work on all his commissions ..10/10" 
Gerard Cronin, Owner www.Gringo40s.com - Client-UK


"Love your work" 
Luke, APS/Geek Gaming


"I have had the privilege of having Barry of MFP.co.uk do several painting commissions for me. All late war German Armor and SS figures all with excellent results. Some even posted in his gallery the latest were the SS pioneers and 251D/7 engineer half track. I highly recommend Barry for any of your projects" 
Glenn Gosline, Commission Client-USA 


"I am absolutely delighted with the result. I am so glad that I commissioned you to do these vehicles. They look amazing from all distances. I have spent some time looking at them closely and it has been fantastic to see all the little details you have put in - and I love how the same vehicles have been done to look so different." 
Alistair Goddard, Commission Client-UK

"My miniatures arrived safely today and that your work has blown my expectations away. 
It is all amazing and it was more than worth the wait. 
Thank you for your hard work.." 

Alex Henderson, Commission Client-USA


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