28mm M48 Patton Tank Vietnam

M48 PattonTank by Gringo 40's .jpg

Colouring and Wethering

I had a few requests on how I have produced the colour and wethering on the M48 tank by Gringo 40s.

See below:

Filters and Wear
I used oils to produce a filter for the tank (to attain the green shade that you can see on the tank) You can also buy preset filters for example you could use the Ammo Mig ones which are very good. Wear was created with dark grey paint using the sponge technique combined with a paintbrush for some parts of the tank. Scratches were produced with a brush laying down first a dark grey line where the scratch will be and then adding a light colour underneath for the highlight.

Regarding soil and dust

In Vietnam, the soil differed depending on where your unit was located. It could be in the Mekong River Delta or at the other end of the country or on the coastlines.

I decided to portray an iron-oxide (reddish colour to the tank) "Tea-Rouge" as the contrast to the green would be stronger.

This was applied using a combination of Vallejo Pigments, mainly Burnt Siena applied with gloss varnish/satin varnish (buy brush) to bind the pigments to the tank and control the effect you require.

28mm Heroic Scale Victoria miniatures Matilda 'Fury' Battle Tanks conversions

28mm Heroic Scale Victoria miniatures Matilda 'Fury' Battle Tanks conversions

Review on the way soon
Commission for conversion to WW2 Italy campaign camo application/stowage and weathering.

28mm Warlord Games German SS  King Tiger 


Review on the way soon

Review on the way soon

28mm Games Workshop Steam Tank

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steam tank-1.jpg

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