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Building and Painting the Vignette

Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy

Magazine Cover


After reading the history of the Cuckoo and looking at the few pictures available and the short video on YouTube, I decided to portray the tank in a rest area after its first engagement with the crew having a cup of well earned tea.

The Challenge
The main challenge apart from creating the vignette itself for this project was the unavailability of the panther G tank with full zimmerit on both Hull and Turret at this

scale 28mm. 
Many thanks to Warlord Games and Rubicon Models for stepping in and providing the models and walls and crews etc for project.

Moving forward to solve the zimmerit issue I decided to use the turret from the Warlord kit and the hull from the Rubicon kit. The idea was to match the zimmerit from the hull and apply I paste with texture on the clear hull surface. 

This was a creative challenge but a very rewarding one. I have fully enjoyed everything including the application of the zimmerit 

Many thanks to Guy Bowers, Steve Perry at Rubicon Models and of course
Warlord Games.

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