Name:          Barry Evans
Role:              Miniature Artist/Founder of Miniature Figure
Education:   BA Hons Multi Disciplinary Design - PGC Digital Media

Services:      Miniature Painting Services​ #miniature painting services uk

My Miniature Painting Journey: 
I can remember as a young boy, given 2 shillings and sixpence for pocket money each week and heading to my local newspaper shop to purchase my next Airfix Model or box of  Air-fix soldiers and decided to start painting the models with enamel paints that were available at the time. Quite a few years had past and after having stopped painting and modelling for some years, decided to pick up my glue, brush and paints again, painting miniatures for my increasing wargames collection, mainly WWII, ACW and Colonial.

After studying Art and Design at college and further study at University.  A  successful career followed in graphic and multi media design, working on projects for companies inc Massey Ferguson, General Motors  JCB etc and also teaching web and digital design skills at my local university.  I decided to set up my own painting service Miniature Figure Painter/ FOWP originally part time moving into full time a few years ago.

I'm continuing to research new painting and modelling techniques with the aim of applying these to my painting commissions and to my own collections.
My goal is to provide clients with the best work I can produce and I'm constantly trying to improve my painting/modelling skills in a vocation I immensely enjoy. Some of my work has been published in Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine and I have had the privilege of been asked to produce work for their Sept 2019 cover. I have also produced display product work/pictures for miniature companies inc  Wargames Illustrated, Victrix Games, Gringo40s and Minifigures. 

#miniature painting services #miniature painting services uk



A few thoughts: 

  • As I progress in my work I find that I'm using techniques that I studied and used in my Art School training many years ago, particularly in figure painting. The use of the wet palette and  the application of the paints is done in a similar style to oil painting.

  • The study and application of the theory of light and shadow  on all miniatures; vehicles and figures is increasing with each commission. IE Object light source.


  • The blending of paints on the miniature to achieve that seamless transition between layers that the " Hobby Masters" use


  • The use of glazes and thin layers of paint on a miniature together with the use of a Air brush

  • For the time been the business name of will remain due to the domain name/seo process/links that have been established with the search engines these last number of years 

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