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54-75mm Costs and First Legion Miniatures
unpainted and re-painting Costs, Scale 75 


Custom Toy Soldier
Painting/Repainting Service

New custom painting service for Toy Soldier collectors and gamers. Unpainted kits or a repaint for figures /vehicles can be provided. All historical periods considered
#​FirstLegionCustomPaintingServices #


King and Country / 1st Legion Special Nov/Dec custom painting service discount on both figures and vehicles. Ends on 31st December. SAVE ON COSTS NOW!



54mm-75mm Prices
Toy Soldier Custom Painting Specialist. King and Country repainting and First Legion Miniatures unpainted resin/metal figure kits and First Legion Miniatures repainting miniatures, Scale 75 Miniatures 

#First Legion Miniatures #King and country miniatures # Scale 75 miniatures


This is our Quality Standard painting service for individuals who would like to have their miniatures painted and ready for display, or for gaming.

Infantry application
After a primer is applied, multiple individual layers are painted with blending taking place between each layer, any additional highlights are applied to produce a very nice-looking miniature that you will feel proud of whether on the tabletop or on a display stand. See Napoleonic Example below 

Vehicles painting application:
Vehicles are cleaned up and then primed, followed by airbrushed modulation. Camo is then airbrushed onto the vehicle, and any weathering applications and highlighting are then applied Further details are then added.. Camo netting and or bush (if needed) is then created and applied, contact me for additional costing. 

Weathering Vehicles
The process is to apply airbrush light layers building up to the final layer over the completed modulated paint/camo work panel lining, weathering and chipping effects are also applied at this stage and further details are applied.
.See an example below

We can take your resin unpaired figures and paint them to a very high standard 

54mm-Mounted Samuri
54mm-king-country-fallsmerger painted by

King and Country / 1st Legion Special Nov/Dec discount on both figures and vehicles. Ends on 31st December. SAVE ON COSTS NOW!

NB Multi-assembly kits
I'm happy if you wish to send assembled. This will save time for your order and turnaround would be quicker.

Example First Legion. Franco-Prussian War Prussian Artillery. 1/30th scale (60mm) Box art painting by First Legion

Example: Not King and Country or First Legion Miniatures vehicle, however a good example of a converted car from the toy maker Bburago Citroen 15CV TA (1938) die-cast Collection in 1/24 scale not 54mm as displayed on picture

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