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Wargames Illustrated

I have been commissioned to produce  on going  work for their Miniature Magazine. 

Victrix Games

I have been commissioned again to produce painted samples of their new superb 12 mm WW2 additions and 28 mm Persian unarmored Archers range

Wargames Illustrated

I have been commissioned to produce  painted work for their Limited addition Giants in Miniature Magazine Range

Victrix Games

I have been selected and produced painted display examples from their excellent 12mm WW2 miniatures Range.


I have been selected to produce painted examples for their Mutt and Mule vehicles. 

Live Streaming

On going work with the live streaming service. The mixer/streamer kit has arrived at the studio.  Late September now looking lo launch after live testing completed.

Animated Logo Image

On going work on the animated logo for our online media sites.

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