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28mm Warlord Games British Zulu Infantry
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Wargames Illustrated-Victoria Big Gun Article
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A nice shout out from WI - 7 mns 20 secs into video "Painting Matilda Tank"

Wargames Illustrated

I have produced an painting article for their  Magazine entitled "Defending Rookes Drift"

Wargames Illustrated

I have produced an article for their  Magazine entitled  "Entrenching a big Gun". The gun crew and accessories from Victoria Miniatures. Trench emplacment scratch built by myself.

Gringo 40's

I have been commissioned to paint a 28mm Patton Tank Vietnam for their new product Box and media promotion

Victrix Ltd Miniatures

Commissioned to paint minatures for their new 12mm Churchill tank, M10 Wolverine and M5A1 Stuart Tank range box art. and media promotion

Wargames Illustrated.

I have been commissioned to produce a series of painting articles for both their online and print magazine.

Victrix Ltd Miniatures

I have been commissioned to paint 12mm German inf miniatures  supporting for their WW2 promotions

Victrix Ltd Miniatures

I have been commissioned to produce painted WW2 British Infantry samples for their 12 mm range 

Wargames Illustrated

Commissioned miniatures for Wargames Illustrated magazine, feature in Issue 400 April 2021 page 28 " The first Templar"

Victoria Miniatures

I have been commissioned to produce a painted sample for their alternative 40k tank range 

Wargames Illustrated

I have been commissioned to produce on going work for their Miniature Magazine. and online  via WI Prime.

Victrix Games

I have been commissioned again to produce painted samples of their new superb 12 mm WW2 additions and 28 mm Persian unarmored Archers range

Wargames Illustrated

I have been commissioned to produce  a 4 page painting article entitled "Painting Matilda" in issue Wi 403, July 2021

Victrix Games

I have been selected and produced painted display examples from their excellent 12mm WW2 miniatures Range.


I have been selected to produce painted examples for their Mutt and Mule vehicles. 

Live Streaming

On going work with the live streaming service. The mixer/streamer kit has arrived at the studio.  I am looking lo launch after live testing completed in Dec 2020/Jan 2021

Animated Logo Image

On going work on the animated logo for our online media sites.

Wargames Soilders and Stratergy Magazine

I have been asked to produce a painted vignette for their front cover and a article on the build for their issue 104

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