15mm Painting Costs


15mm Prices from January 2021

Our painting is of a very high standard, and above any tabletop standard  To our Gallery


Infantry application
After a primer is applied, individual layers are painted with blending taking place between each layer, any additional highlights applied to produce a very nice looking miniature that you will feel proud of whether on the tabletop or on a display stand . Example-coming soon

Vehicles painting application:
Vehicles are cleaned up then primed followed by airbrushed modulation. Camo is then airbrushed onto the vehicle, and any weathering applications and highlighting are then applied.. Camo netting and or bush (if needed) is then created and applied. Finally the miniature is completed with a Matt varnishExample-coming soon

NB Applying camo to Aircraft and (camo application in general) is an enjoyable but intricate process requiring the application of a stencil over a base colour. In some cases, this has to be again applied over the camo eg "The black and white stripes " on a Typhoon 1B. A time-consuming process especially at this scale. From this panel lining then takes place the application of transfers + weathering effects. HENCE THE  COST for the application:)

Weathering Vehicles
The process is to apply by airbrush light layers building up to the final layer over the completed modulated paint/camo work panel lining, weathering and chipping effect are also applied at this stage. Example-coming soon 

NB Pre-launch / Display Quality Painting Service
A special painting service for companies who would like to have their new range of miniatures painted and ready for display. Please contact me via the order form for costs etc Click Here

Additional Costs and Extra Options

We offer the following additional modeling effects for your needs:
There is a basic cost for painting the tank/vehicle. You can add on additional effects to the tanks and vehicles priced individually.
Battlefront 15mm 501st Heavy Tank Battalion in Tunisia “Tiger 1E” Painting and modeling by Barry Evansminiaturefigurepainter.co.uk
NB Prices are total cost for painting/modeling etc P&P is to be added to the final cost
Please see MFP terms and conditions before ordering a painting commission. All commissions are taken on the basis that these have been accepted.

NB If providing figures please send your bases with miniatures. 

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