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Display Painting Costs 

Display Painting / Miniature painting companies painting prices
from January 2023

A special painting service B2B for miniature companies/publishers who would like to have their new range of miniatures painted and ready for display, or individuals that require a display quality painting service..








Infantry application
After a primer is applied, individual multiple layers are painted with blending taking place between each layer, any additional highlights are applied to produce an excellent-looking miniature that you will feel proud of wether on the tabletop or on a display stand. see the example below with further examples coming soon

Vehicles painting application:
Vehicles are cleaned up and then primed followed by airbrushed modulation. Camo is then airbrushed onto the vehicle, and any weathering applications and highlighting are then applied Further details are then added.. Camo netting and or bush (if needed) is then created and applied at no extra cost. Finally, the miniature is completed with a Matt varnishExample-coming soon

Weathering Vehicles
The process is to apply by airbrush light layers building up to the final layer over the completed modulated paint/camo work panel lining, weathering and chipping effects are also applied at this stage and further details are applied.
Example-coming soon 

12mm - 75mm Scales

Please contact me and I will get back to you with a quote

40k painting costs click here

DP Extra Options and Costs
28mm for the website-what you


We offer the following additional modeling effects for your needs:

There is a basic/standard cost for painting the tank/vehicle. You can add on additional effects to the tanks and
vehicles priced individually.

CLICK HERE for examples of application

Preparation & Assembly of Vehicles/Figures costs

Resin multi part kit assembling your minis can be time consuming. Please advise on type of kit to be provided.

Resin and 4 /5 part metal kits occur a basic charge of £3.75. 

Assembling tanks/Vehicles/Helicopters/Infantry 


  • Helicopters multi part £12.50 per kit

  • Infantry £3.75 - £6.25


Multi part assembly ie is time consuming (some times up to 50/60 mins to 1 hr per tank, and 15-20 mins per figure from cutting out from SPRUE filing/filling and gluing arms heads and weapons etc  (I'm reluctantly having to charge a flat/min fee for this Multi part assembly service). 

NB I'm happy if you wish to send assembled. This will save time for your order and turn around would be quicker.

Display Painting Infantry example

DP Display Infantry Painting Example 

This is our highest quality painting standard

As you can see from the picture multiple layers are added to the miniature all blended together to produce a stunning miniature. This really stands out on a wargames table and is a great standard for any display

CLICK HERE for examples of application...coming soon

Russ-naval-ww2.psd -6.jpg
Russ-naval-ww2.psd -3.jpg
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