NEW FOR 2020

Streamed Painting 

Over the last few years I have had

requests regarding historical tuition
painting at the studio. Due to the CV19-crisis I will now for the time been be offering this service via web streaming.

From end of Nov 2020 I will be offering a one to one streamed painting tuition from my studio in the Staffordshire area of the UK.
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Professional Live Streaming service for one to one painting tuition. This will be shot with 2/3 cameras with close ups and supporting information etc where needed. We will be able to talk in real time and react with close ups of the work  in progress when needed as a demonstration of your choosing is progressing. The tutoring is delivered in English.

Streaming Platforms
At the moment Face book or You Tube are the likely platforms as most people have at least a personal account with both although I'm looking at Zoom also. ( The camera and audio quality would be high due to the equipment I will be using) 

The duration would be approx 60 mins in total. You can also further book an additional 60 mins duration if required. This will need to be agreed and paid for before the second stream .


Contact me on the form below to book in. We also offer weekly or monthly lessons if you are looking to build up your skills.

#Miniature Painting Tuition UK

Time Zones
All painting would take place in GMT London UK although a charge would be made for training in another time zone that is completely different to the GMT working hrs.

See costs below. Cost to be pre paid 7 days before after agreed time and content with client Page link coming soon. Contact me to arrange payment using the form below.

NB If you would like to be added to the list of names for this service contact me on the form below. Lessons are in English only and MFP require you to have a stable internet connection and ability to have a two way video communication.

If you like my work and are interested in commissioning MFP then contact  me for your details or make a booking here

60 mins £25.00 GBP

Content of the clients choice to be pre agreed with Content of the clients choice to be pre agreed with
before live stream

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