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Dust 1947 Dust Tactics  
 Painting Service


Painting prices from
January 2023

Dust 1947 Dust Tactics Painting Service

Prices from January 2023
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Infantry application
Each figure is washed/de-greased and dried then cleaned up. A Primer is then applied, and then multiple individual layers are painted with blending taking place between each layer, any additional highlights are applied to produce a very nice-looking miniature that you will feel proud of whether on the tabletop or on a display stand. Example-coming soon

Vehicles painting application:
Vehicles are washed/de-greased and then cleaned up then primed followed by airbrushed modulation. Camo is then airbrushed onto the vehicle, and any weathering applications and highlighting are then applied Further details are then added.. Camo netting and or bush (if needed) is then created and applied at no extra cost. Finally, the miniature is completed with a Matt varnishExample-coming soon

Weathering Vehicles
The process is to apply by airbrush light layers building up to the final layer over the completed modulated paint/camo work panel lining, weathering and chipping effects are also applied at this stage and further details are applied.
.Example-coming soon 

ALL costs inc use of materials, paints, inks, washes etc. Time to prepare the miniatures see above as well as the painting itself :)


NB: We accept both PayPal and electronic bank transfer

Parts of unfinished Dust 28mm Axis heavy walker
Dust 28mm Axis heavy walker
Extra Options and Costs - coming soon
Extra Options and Costs - coming soon
Dust 28mm USMC Storm/thunder Tornado



Assembly of Vehicles:

Resin multi-part kit assembling your minis can be very time-consuming.

- Bikes £11.00
- Rhino £16.00

- Konigslothar / Konigsluther type walkers £22.00

For other vehicles please contact me

Excessive Flash parts clean up- please contact me

Resin multi-part kit ie Space Marine £4.95 Contact me for other figures. For other types of miniatures please contact me. 

​​Multi-part assembly ie is time-consuming (sometimes up to 50/60 mins to 1 hr per tank, and 10 mins per figure from cutting out from SPRUE filing/filling and glueing arms heads and weapons etc 

 NB I'm happy if you wish to send assembled. This will save time for your order and turnaround would be quicker.

Dust 28mm 1947 SPETSNAZ
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