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WW2 Tanks, Flames of War, Vietnam,
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Specialist vignette creation using your miniatures to create a story. Miniature scales include:

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For Wargamers and Collectors.

15mm, 28mm, 54mm, 60mm
Bolt Action, Flames of War.
Victrix and

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New service for miniature companies who require display quality miniatures for their new product launch. or publications who require miniatures/pictures of miniatures for reviews



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“Very happy with the standard of service. Your feedback and delivery time was perfect.” 

—  Guy Bowers, Editor Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine


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Meet Your Miniature Artist

Name: Barry Evans
Role: Miniature Artist/Founder of  Miniature Figure Painter.co.uk/ FOWP
Education: BA Hons Multi Disciplinary Design - PGC Digital Media

My Miniature Painting Journey: 
I can remember as a young boy, given 2 shillings and sixpence for pocket money each week and heading to my local newspaper shop to purchase my next Airfix Model or box of  Airfix soldiers and decided to start painting the models with enamel paints that were available at the time. Quite a few years had past and after having stopped painting and modeling for some years, decided to pick up my glue, brush and paints again, painting miniatures for my increasing wargames collection, mainly WWII, ACW and Colonial.

After studying Art and Design at collage and further study at University.  A  successful career followed in graphic and multi media design, working on projects for companies inc Massey Ferguson, General Motors JCB etc and also teaching web and design skills at my local university.  I decided to set up my own painting service Miniature Figure Painter/ FOWP originally part time moving into full time a few years ago.

I 'm continuing to research new painting and modeling techniques with the aim of applying these to my painting commissions and to my own collections.
My goal is to provide clients with the best work I can produce and I'm constantly trying to improve my painting/modeling skills in a vocation I immensely enjoy. Some of my work has been published in Wargames Soldiers and Strategy Magazine and I have had the privilege of been asked to produce work for their Sept 2019 cover.


The capture of Tiger 131


Tiger 131 in 28mm Scale

The Germans knowing that the Allies were preparing a major push toward Tunis, the Germans launched a spoiling attack on the night of 20/21 April 1943.[2] Four points were attacked simultaneously, including a pass on the north side of a hill called Djebel Djaffa.[3] Two Tigers and several other tanks advanced through this pass before dawn, and were gradually driven back during the day. 

Tiger 131 was hit by 3 shots from 6-pounders from British Churchill tanks of A Squadron, 4 Troop of the 48th Royal Tank Regiment. A solid shot hit the Tiger's gun barrel and ricocheted into its turret ring, jamming its traverse, wounding the driver and front gunner and destroying the radio. A second shot hit the turret lifting lug, disabling the gun's elevation device. A third shot hit the loader's hatch, deflecting fragments into the turret. 

The German crew bailed out, taking their wounded with them and leaving the knocked-out but still driveable and largely intact tank behind.The tank was secured by the British as they captured Djebel Djaffa hill.Tiger 131 was the first intact Tiger tank captured by British forces. Enclosed picture of a client commission based on the capture of the tank.


My version of the Tiger in 28mm by Warlord Games is featuring in a article in Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine Issue 102 (out now) see below. You can also see the following 

YouTube movie  regarding the capture of the Tiger






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WW2 Tanks, Flames of WarVietnam, Bolt Action, 60 mm figure painting, Warhammer Vehicles, Painting Tuition
Sci Fi Vehicles, WW2 Armies, Military busts 15mm WW2, 28mm WW2 Tanks and  28mm Historical Miniatures
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The British Cuckoo tank

The British Cuckoo tank A hybrid 28mm model consisting of a 28mm Warlord Games Turret and a Rubicon Models Hull and crew. The zimmerit tank paste was applied by myself to the hull